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The microfinance institution KMF and KMF-Demeu fund have donated funds to the Red Crescent’ project on provision of food packages to people in need.

As is well known, 2020 was declared the year of the volunteer in Kazakhstan. And today, in view of emergency measures taken in the Republic of Kazakhstan to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we realize that it is time for individuals and entities to join the efforts in helping everyone who is in desperate need of our support and sympathy, since helping nearest ones has always been a distinctive feature of our people and our multinational culture.
The Corporate Fund “KMF-Demeu”, having its main and important goal to implement social, charitable, educational, cultural and socially beneficial activities, is providing charitable assistance in amount of KZT 4,000,000 to NGO “Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan”, a part of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – the world’s largest humanitarian community.
This charity support involves help to lonely elderly people, people with special needs, and low-income, multi-child and incomplete families, the assistance in the form of groceries and household cleaning products during the emergency caused by coronavirus pandemic in Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Within this act of charity, each family will receive a basic food basket by contactless delivery.
The project involves 15 volunteer vehicles and 30 volunteers. All of them are provided with personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, and sanitizers. Employees of the Red Crescent noted an increase in appeals from the population, in connection with the declaration of emergency state.
Shalkar Zhussupov, Chief Executive Officer of MFI “KMF”: “Our Company has been providing charitable assistance since its inception, including through the KMF-Demeu corporate fund. The impact of the pandemic on citizens and the economy is such that large numbers of people need help right here and right now. Therefore, we decided to allocate funds to the Red Crescent – an organization that has an authority and experience which can ensure this help is delivered as quickly as possible.”

Dana Bakiyeva, Director of the Department of Social Assistance of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan: “The Red Crescent, on behalf of each recipient, expresses its gratitude to KMF-Demeu fund for the support provided during this difficult time. Each package delivered to the people in need gives a chance to live another day. Humanity and mercy are key concepts for a person, especially in such a situation as today. It’s hard for everyone, but we must rally and help those who need it most! ”
In total, Kazakhstani people will receive 800 parcels from the allocated funds in the amount of KZT 4,000,000, including 700 parcels in Almaty and 100 parcels in Nur-Sultan.
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