Increased financial
literacy in management
Increased financial
literacy in management

We will teach you how to make and plan properly your business budget, distribute your incomes and expenses correctly, and master marketing and human resources management for small businesses.

The parallel direction of the Fund’s activity is the Project for Increasing Financial Literacy of Entrepreneurs in business management.

This project was developed jointly with MFO "KMF", and this is a unique case when a microfinance organization educates its clients when crediting them, and educates them absolutely free of charge!

We provide an opportunity for loyal clients of MFO “KMF” to increase their financial literacy in business management on the following topics:

1. Balance sheet in business management.

2. Management of cash flows.

3. Sales techniques.

4. Marketing for micro and small enterprises.

5. Human resources management.

To register for the seminars, please, contact the offices of MFO “KMF”. 

At the seminars we will help you to find the answers to the following questions:

• How to understand the success of your business?

• Where can I find good specialists?

• How to calculate income correctly?

• How to increase sales?

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